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statement, may 2023:

My painting life began in 1993 due to two events: I became deaf and I met the artist Clifford West. Deafness vastly expanded my visual world. And painting provided solace during a period of adjustment. Clifford pushed me to work intuitively and with emotion. Clifford also introduced me to the AVA Gallery in Lebanon NH where he taught. And to this day, I benefit from the critique group which he began.

While my work never strays far from what I see, it is transformed by the silent world around me. Currently I am painting animals in their quiet habitats or distant landscapes. I also enjoy working with unusual subjects such as shadows on walls and watering cans.

I am not preoccupied with medium or technique. Right now, I use soft pastel and acrylic paint. I put this directly down on sanded paper or canvas or linen.

Anne and I live in North Thetford VT and Merida Mx. I can paint easily most anywhere.