Anne and I live in North Thetford VT. Anne is also an artist.   

If you would like to see more of my work, or visit our North Thetford studios, please use the contact page. Or contact me:


I've always enjoyed drawing. I found this skill very useful in my architectural practice. And drawing continues to form the way I paint. I sketch when I start and then move on to value and color. I enjoy, and thoroughly respect, the manual process of applying pastel to sanded paper or putting acrylic paint on canvas. I like to see evidence of the pastel stick and the use of the paint brush. At the end of a painting effort, I will seek that immediacy I had at the beginning. 

The mediums I use express different levels of reality. The pastels quickly capture the varied light of the river valley where we live. The acrylic medium goes slower and I use it in my studio for more abstract work as well as to explore ideas from memory or imagined. 

For almost 4O years I have struggled with hearing loss. It has been a benefit to my painting however. I feel my painting is most successful when there is an emotional element.