Anne and I live in North Thetford VT. Anne is also an artist. We have studios at 39 Bridge Street, North Thetford, VT and in Merida Yucatan MX.  

If you would like to see more of my work, or visit our North Thetford studios, please email using the contact page.

statement 2022

I paint from a combination of sources which can include my own thoughts, nearby places, family occasions, and things II dream up. Subject matter is always local, things I know well and can return to if need be. I currently use two mediums: soft pastel and acrylic paint. Both mediums have an immediacy and freshness. So my work goes down quickly. This allows me to keep a play of color and visible application. Sometimes the entire process can be fairly quick, but I often come back to a painting days later with new thoughts that go down fast.