BIO 2022

I've always enjoyed times for drawing and painting from early school, architectural school and my years in design work. We moved to the Upper Valley in 1983. I soon discovered AVA Gallery in Lebanon NH. I met Clifford West there and joined his many classes in the sunny South Studio. It is hard to describe the magical feeling of the AVA n those years. Clifford’s studio, on the third floor, was a meeting place for a group of us. 

I had a solo show at AVA in 1999. About that time I began to work in pastel as well as oil/acrylic (and still do). I had 3 different studios at AVA. Those studios encouraged my participation in several group shows and I become a member of a critique group which continues to the present time.

My wife Anne is also an artist. We talk about our work and have a critique group between us. We share the same excitement despite our art being quite different. Anne and I ran a 

B & B in Nevis, West Indies. An important part of that was the art retreats we held. We worked in all mediums and our students were of all ages and abilities. It was both challenging and beautiful. Today we are in North Thetford where we have a small farm.

I have studio space in an attached small barn.